Life happens every day - not just game day. Crazy, we know! That's why at University Fancards, we created a branded payment solution that can be used everywhere Debit mastercard® is accepted. We've partnered with the most prestigious collegiate athletic programs in the country, and we’re working together to change the game with cards designed for the sports fanatic in you. The Fancard allows you to show off your fandom and pay like a champion every time you swipe!

We're on the field and in your wallet. Game on.

Why We Do It

Pay With Pride

At University Fancards, we believe that fandom is a choice you’re proud to make. It’s on the clothes you wear. It’s hanging on the walls in your home. It’s buried in the deepest part of your heart. It’s an appointment every fall Saturday for the rest of your life, and you don't miss appointments. It’s all of this and so much more, but it’s not at the cash register in a meaningful way. Until now.

We’re happy to say that your fandom can now also be the most important card in your wallet. We're ready to be there for you like you're there for your team because that means something to people like us.

Hit the field. Pay with pride. Tell em what you’re about.

Our Leadership

Our Team