University Fancards is proud to be home to the Official Gift Cards of College SportsTM. Want to come through in the clutch with your next gift? Get your fellow sports fan Mastercard® Gift Cards from Fancards, so they can share their team pride with every swipe.

The Gift of Gameday

Sports fanatics are a tough bunch to shop for. You know you love their teams, but do they have that shirt already? Do they need another flag or decal? Maybe tickets? You could always just give them cash, but that’s impersonal, and you want to get this right.

With a MasterCard® Gift Card you can give your loved ones exactly what they want because MasterCard® Gift Cards works like cash. It actually works better than cash because it’s got your team on it. Maybe they do want a new team shirt, but let them pick it out and show their colors along the way.

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